Criminal Assault

Assaultive Offenses

  Common State Assaultive Offense Punishment Ranges:
Class C Assault by Threat 0-$500 fine
Class B Assault by Threat 0 - 180 days in jail
Class A Assault - Bodily Injury 0 - 1 yr in jail
4th Degree Deadly Conduct 6 - 24 mos in state jail
3rd Degree Deadly Conduct 2 - 10 yrs in prison
2nd Degree Aggravated Assault
Attempted Murder
2 - 20 yrs in prison
1st Degree Murder
Solicitation of Capital Murder
Aggravated Robbery
5 years - Life in prison
1st Degree Capital Murder Life in prison - Death penalty

sugar land criminal assault lawyerAssault offenses are some of the most challenging cases handled by criminal defense attorneys. Because these types of crimes often involve seriously injured victims, a person charged with such a crime often finds himself the target of a very determined prosecution seeking lengthy confinement.

However, the list of available defenses to assaultive offenses is lengthy. Faulty eyewitness identifications, poor DNA laboratory work, under investigated self defense situations can all become matters for a qualified defense attorney to explore. Your Sugar Land Criminal Lawyer, Mr. Threadgill, will explore these, and every other potential legal defense relevant to the unique facts in your legal case.